Roblox Super striker league Beginner,s guide

Roblox Super Striker league (Guide)


Roblox Super Striker league – What the heck is a passive ability? Like, what the heck does heavy hitter do? Or, what the heck does stamina penalty down do? Well stay tuned and I’ll teach you what they mean.  Heyo fellow attackers! It’s me Captain JackAttack! Welcome back and if you’re new, then welcome to the party! Today I’ll be going over some helpful information on what these little abilities do on your parts and how they can help improve your gameplay in Roblox Super Striker League. First of all, what are these abilities anyways?

Well, they are known as passive abilities, and they are certain perks that you can get from uncrating good quality parts or by upgrading them with cash. There are sixteen known passive abilities in super striker league at the moment, and we’ll go through each and every one in detail so you’ll know exactly what they do and how they can improve your gameplay and skill. Before we start, I’d like to say a big thank you to Cindering for sending me the ability icons that were used in this video. It will help to identify them easier.

Also the perks of the same type will end up stacking up, but it is noted that each duplicate perk will have a diminished applied to it. You’ll still be seeing an increase in the perk, but it won’t be as strong as the first when applied. Alright, lets see the list! The first passive skill we’ll be going over is the Sprint Stamina Saver Roblox Super Striker league. This ability reduces the stamina used when you are running, and you’ll be able to spring over a larger area. This will make it easier to out last your sprinting in order to catch up on defense or to get an edge on offense.


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Next, we have the Sprint Speed Up. The ability does as it says, it merely increases you sprint speed. You can use this ability in order to catch up quicker on both sides of the field. The third ability is the Fast Stamina Regen passive ability. This ability increases how quickly your stamina regenerates. This will allow you to sprint quicker in between the cooling times. This can help a ton, especially when you need the meter to charge quicker for a much needed dodge or deke move. Fourthly, we have the Fast Super Charge ability. This will cause the super meter below the screen, to charge at a faster rate through time.

That’s right. You can do more frequent super strikes with this one. So it could be a game changer. Next we have the Shot Damage Boost ability. This one increases the damage dealt by regular shots with the soccer ball. So you know how when you shoot at a goalie, his stamina gets reduced? Well this ability causes the goalie to even more stamina whenever you shoot at him. A goalie with less stamina will make it harder for him to make saves, which will dramatically increase your chances of scoring. In sixth, we have the Power-Up Damage Boost.

This increases the effectiveness of power-ups by knocking down players longer and also by doing more damage to the goalie. Who doesn’t like knocking down other people for a longer time anyways? Right? It gives you more time to make a play, if you can nail it just right. The seventh passive ability is the heavy hitter. This one allows you to stun players for a longer time when you hit them with a tackle. It feels good to take them down, doesn’t it? As they are down longer, it can help you out on your breakaways, improving your defense as well as your offensive opportunities. Up next is the curveball boost.

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This ability will give you an increased possible curve when shooting the ball. Now this translates to being able to perform a more effective curve shot, and we all know how hard it is to defend those insane curve shots. Right? Half way there! Up next we have the rebound speed boost. This will grant you a speed boost after taking a shot on goal. Now this can help you gather a second or even a third chance shot if you miss your first one, so this ability helps tremendously on offense. The tenth ability is the steel speed boost.

This ability will increase your speed boost when you steal the ball. Again, this will help with your break aways, especially when stealing the ball from the enemy team. It’s useful for both offense and defense. The next ability is the super duration up. This ability does as it says, it increases your super boost length a bit. Very useful for both offense and defense as you can utilize its speed boost longer, and have some more time for a potential super strike. The twelfth ability is the skill shot power boost. Login to roblox

This will grant you an increased power and damage output dealt by skill shots. What’s a skill shot you may ask? It’s a fully powered shot when you charge up your kick to the max and release. This ability will spicen up your kicks. What’s thirteen, eh? Well it’s the super strike power boost. This will increase your power and damage dealt by super strikes, if they didn’t even seem menacing enough..

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The next one is the stamina penalty down ability. This will decrease your penalty for repeatedly using defensive moves. If you tackle a low in a row, you’ll start to notice that you tackle slower and slower. Well, this ability will counteract with that feature so you can do tackles more efficiently in between each other. This can help you defense quite a bit.

Two more to go! This next one is fast pass charging. It does what it says, your passes will charge up in power quicker, which means that you won’t have to hold on to the ball as long if you want to pass it pretty far. This saves a lot of time, which means more time to score. And for our last ability, we have the super stun reduction. It’s a cool ability that decreases your stun time while your boost is active. This way if you get tackled with the boost enabled, you can quickly get back on your feet and try a counter-attack to grab that ball back. There you have it! All 16 of Roblox Super Striker League’s passive abilities explained, and how they can help you on the field.

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Roblox Jobs (Roblox Careers) Job Review

Roblox Jobs

What’s up guys welcome back to the blog, I have reviewed a job at Roblox for you guys job. How much we’ll make per whatever we do. So let’s start off with the pizza maker All right, so it’s been about five minutes and I’ve only made $300 or $295? Practically 300. So would I say that this job is really worth it?

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I don’t really think so just for the mere fact that you only make six dollars per pizza and also the pizzas can range from kinda like long to make So, I don’t know really if it’s worth it or not That’s up to you guys how fast you can really do it. And yeah, so All right. So yeah, we’re on to our next jump All right.

So, uh Yeah, we’re a cashier now. Let’s see how much this makes before uh before the times up And that’s time so yeah we’ve made about $674 Just in five minutes with being a cashier which is actually a lot more money than we made with the pizza shop because we only made about 300 or 295 actually which is kind of crazy how much of a difference that is so yeah now um Now we’re gonna go and be a hairdresser see how much that gives you All right, so that’s time we made about five hundred and thirty-three dollars just as a hairdresser.


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But I wouldn’t really recommend this job just because um Just because like it takes forever to get someone’s hair done. But, yeah Let’s see how much a mechanic makes It’s been about five minutes and 20 seconds. So we’ve made about two hundred and seventy-six dollars In total Let me just say this job Was literally the worst job I’ve ever done in this game I’m gonna be completely honest because the instructions were very very confusing at some times and And yeah. All right. Now we’re going to a delivery person.

Let’s see how that is All right, so It’s been about six minutes right now. I Yeah, I did six minutes just because I messed up on one So I wanted to make it like kind of fair But I’m gonna be completely honest with you do not do this job It literally takes forever to do and you don’t even get paid much to do it at all So now we’re just gonna go to fishermen see how that goes All right, so it’s been about five minutes and we’ve made about three hundred and eighty-four dollars Which isn’t too bad but compared to the other stuff that I’ve made It’s kind of bad if I’m gonna be quite honest with you But um, yeah so far we got fish fishermen down.

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We got a cashier we got pizza maker we got a hairstylist mechanic delivery person and fishermen, so right now fishermen Ranks I’d say third on the list. Yeah, but now yeah, we’ll see what other ones make the cut All right, let’s see how much a seller can make All right, so it’s been about five minutes All I made was $401 which I think is okay Um I really wouldn’t recommend this job either because it’s kind of a pain sometimes that’s just my personal opinion though Now we’re gonna go to stocker All right, so it’s been about five minutes I’ve made about 317 dollars which isn’t really the best Considering the cashier has gotten 674 in five minutes.

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So we’re gonna go to another place and see how that goes All right, so it’s been five minutes I only made 346 which is okay, I guess yeah, it’s a decent job I’d say I wouldn’t do it still if I were you not that good of a job Yeah, let’s see what else we can do Another five minutes I have made a total of five hundred and sixteen dollars and At promotion level three you get about twenty-two dollars per tree, which is really good Yeah, I do recommend this job to be honest with you If you get five hundred and sixteen bucks in five minutes, that’s an average of like 100 a minute So yeah let’s go on to Janitor.

So it’s literally been five minutes and I couldn’t find that other thing it wasn’t respawning at all so we got 137 dollars out of that entire shift Horrible pay the worst job. You could possibly get Yeah So now we’re going on the minor All right, so it’s been five minutes I actually made a decent profit off of this and I’m surprised I made about five hundred and forty dollars It takes about five hits or five seconds to mine enough every average stone Which gives you I assume to believe that it was six dollars or seven?

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But I worked all my way up to a ten dollars per stone and then eighteen and nineteen dollars per copper or but uh Yeah best job in the entire game is the cashier at the burger place at Bloxy Burgers and the worst job is the Janitor, which I’ll give you the average Money per minute for cashier up on the screen and I’m the average for janitor And yeah So I hope this information that I’ve given you is definitely gonna help you because it has helped me I personally believe that it’s a lot faster to Be the cashier at Bloxy Burger than it is anything else and it’s a lot better Of a job to do because you get like $13 each order takes you like one second per order So it’s about $13 per second which is insane.

So, yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the video It took me a long time to make because of how many jobs there are I did five minutes each and I died in some. But yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please leave a comment share with other players.

Thank you