Roblox Jail Break

Roblox Jailbreak

 Jailbreak( Roblox)

Roblox Jail Break– Did you guys?! Roblox adventures You know I don’t think it’s as simple as merely just finding a police officer pickpocketing them and then getting out of here you know like unless Oh But ok I take that back, maybe it is effortless to do Okay, I think he’s chasing me right now.

Oh, no, he’s chasing. This would be such a good start, though. This is ridiculous. I don’t know what to do I’m just going to have to I wish I had the penguin morph We’re not the penguin morph, but just like the penguin outfit because in that way I could just zoom away Is he just going to chase me on foot now am I going to have to run to the monster truck?

Roblox Jailbreak

This is so dumb. How can they just kick you out so quickly? No, what am I supposed to do? And now that is stuck okay now I get into this one. No. I can’t. I still can’t. How has this been going on for this long? It’s just capping me.  No, What am I supposed to do? There’s nothing I can do in this situation. Do I need to go get a gun real quick? He’s going to taste me. It’s going to taste me again. I want here, so I’ll run in here And then I run back out here oh Did that wait a second did that work?

Jailbreak prank

Let’s maybe try going up here then you can at least try to steal a helicopter We might stop sometime. Okay. There was a police officer right there, but she didn’t notice me. Okay. There’s other There are other prisoners escaping right now. There’s the other police right there. Okay?

Can I actually just like Oh? Why come on Diego take that I now at least have something to fight them back with here Now no no no no this can’t be the way I go no no no no no Oh Am I still okay? I’m still okay? What okay? I just need to get into a vehicle come on Please can one just spawn right here, please please come on.

Go yes nice nice nice nice. Okay good We are actually We actually got away What okay, all right well now we got to make the most of it because we’ve escaped successfully with both a Keycard and weapons and even after that entire ordeal.

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We’re still okay It’s saying in the chat right now that like someone was just like robbing the bank and all that So we might have some catching up to do There’s actually we can check the bounty board in here where we got most wanted is at 1050 right now okay, that’s uh, that’s not too bad 1050 that means you essentially just have to rob both the jewelry store and the bank and then probably if you Manage to take down one police officer.

I think that’ll do it. It’s the bikes They always spawn here if there’s one there. We go okay bill five engine I should probably change out of my prisoner clothing, too Then again should we try to prank the police somehow because that seemed to work pretty decently the one time where I? Was at the episode where I? Was just as a police officer that I was doing really well.

I don’t know okay. No no Oh, Oh bad bad Okay, this bike please here. We go no the turning. Okay, the turning is very aggressive I need to be very careful. Just whenever I do that. Oh, okay. That’s a prisoner. That’s fine. How keep the tree Why is this office? I’m sorry to control.

I don’t remember this being so crazy. How oh? That is actually a police officer there, okay. We’re not gonna be going there. Just yet, actually let’s real quick come here And change the outcome on come on And then in here change out of that cool, and then back into the world This is just insane this bike is nuts.


Let’s actually go to the – what’d you call it the other place the? the donut store and The gas station because currently, we’re sitting at zero vanity. That’s not really doing it guys You know we’re gonna be doing a little bit better than that also Don’t take my word on this I’m pretty sure I saw the other day on Twitter follow me on Twitter by the way link in the description below I saw the other day on Twitter.

That’s the Jailbreak devs are making a new car is well, which seemed pretty cool. I actually couldn’t recognize What car it was but I mean also the picture was kind of like not the most like Shall we shall we off thing. I don’t know I just saw it like in a mention or something so take it  with a grain of salt Is that a police officer?

Jailbreak in Roblox

Yes, it is okay? I need to get out of here That’s not good. Is it gonna be chasing me now What if what if I totally tricked them Wow because now oh no no no no no? as on my fear You know where is he now okay?

I still think we’ll actually be the top if Talk about interception there? Can’t go in there yet Here it looks like that place was just recently robbed then and then here same story Maybe maybe not though you joined robbery. I did okay, is there uh? Oh, there’s hello, sir. That is a real shame Hold on guys. Do you mind if I just like real quick do a little robbery.

No cops here, please oh Okay, now we get on this and we get out of there. Oh oh There it is okay, and we got 500 bounties so we didn’t get all the money We usually stay until we get as much money as possible, but if we’re mainly focusing on the bounty It’s okay if we leave a little bit early so now sick drift on our way back.

That was actually a cool ramp I’m gonna six drift back here, and then do another six drift and We’re off Ah Okay that was pretty lame Let’s see if we can get the jewelry store now because it was closed when we last saw it, but for all we know It might now be a little bit more open.

Huh, let’s see any pose any Popo Oh Yep, lots of Popo Wow lots of them. Yep whole lot of Popo. Let’s go over here Loopback rent see if we can take an alternative route you see huh it’s still closed. I don’t think it’s gonna Let us in no, not yet I think all right well in that case well come in here And then as soon as we see oh we can see the sign from here.


There’s that light part, and I’m terrible at that I Constantly die still it’s still closed. I’m just being Like if we really really want to be hitting records this is the way to do it because if we’re just driving around we’re exposing ourselves to police and Then as well as I should actually be watching my signs as well here it happens It’s it has happened way too often now.

Whereas soon as I leave the jewelry store That’s whenever someone actually goes in and Rob’s it so I really just don’t want that to happen again So if I’m here I can see both the entryway And then by just tilting my camera I can see whether it is close to open so little tip for you guys watching Maybe if you happen to be even worse at jailbreak than me .

This might be a good little insider tip not a bad little spot But I mean this is this is kind of just camping so I don’t really know how good I feel about myself Ok so that dude was just kicked out of his vehicle oh It’s open its open ? Oh lame Wow they were just on the other side of the building You see you see what I even sat there and waited for it, and it still didn’t happen Okay, is this available yet?

No. It’s still closed. Are you kidding me right now. I just need to sit around more that is That is so unlucky Well might as well make our way back to the gas station Hopefully nobody has robbed to that since we were there there was some.

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Hopefully, he didn’t stop for us, okay Come on, Mike. Can you turn? Can you not get stuck on the smallest bumps, please hello? Sorry guys I’m just a little flustered after that stupid jewelry store had to close even after I was Waiting for it and waiting and waiting Okay, here we’re here everything’s fine.

Let’s go. Let’s just drop this man. If you could hurry up Please the police are after me on come on oh You go a little faster Does it even okay good we actually got something from that we’re at a thousand bounty That’s not bad at all robbing these places Honestly might be the easiest way to achieve the thing is if we want to hit a record We could probably easily get like a world record by just constantly going back and forth between the donut store.

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This is bad get out of there Is he just so you just afk in there okay? Well real quick I want to peek through the window who’s got top bounty right now. What? Do you guys see that? Can we get a zoom in on that? 3,050 and then second place is 2100 What? How am I supposed to beat that I thought we were doing good at 12:50? But the current bounty is three thousand three thousand fifty.

Even I’m pretty sure that is insane How does anybody beat that can we set the pope I don’t know? Still can’t get in I think a the closed sign if the closed sign is there you just can’t do it Maybe we should get into the Veyron and go and or actually no let’s go get the helicopters. It’s still there No, no, it’s not oh, but that is a police officer right there bike can you not get stuck on the tiniest objects, please, okay? I just had a crazy idea.

I just had an absolutely insane idea I’m gonna save it for next episode though. Out sorry. I’m just doing some loops right now because there was some PO right beside me when can we go out here? No, no we can’t it’s got the Veyron then we’re gonna go to those all those other places That will get us some fine bounty unless Is this place available now? No definitely not Veyron please here?

We go and let’s get out of here before any Pope come Let’s go like this, and then oh excuse me mr.. Police officer imax is trying to evade you right now and Perfect I don’t know what the point of that was is there the pole right there.

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We just get over 2,000 bounty and then I can at least say you know what I hit two thousand I feel pretty good about that and then next time we try this it would actually be really like with this new information we have I Feel like it’d be pretty easy Getting even like way higher numbers See because from the jewelry store in order to collect it you actually have to go back to the criminal base.

But the bank is just a real quick drop in and out the difference is you require a keycard for it so I suppose that’s where the difficulty can come into play I Do hear a police officer? He’s not stopping is he I think he is okay. We’re getting out of here He’s chasing somebody should we stay should we stick around nope police right there? So there’s a whole lot of criminals right now, but barely any prisoners?

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