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Roblox Entry Point (Beginners Guide)


Roblox Entry Point – Welcome back here oraizen is gonna be in your room tonight okay I’m just I’m  just joking okay so first thing you want to do is get run over by car.  Rip out your chain of fate press K easy peasy now you press 2 and you hop into a hueco mundo because you got tons of grinding to do you’re gonna keep killing hollows until you see yellow sparks and when you see them that’s why how you know you’ve leveled up you can find out your total level by pressing madding up for your stat points and then dividing them by two because you get two stat points per level.

So also hollow meat gives you a free level so whenever you see on the ground try eat whatever you can so you need todo this until you reach like level 15 and then your Hollow has red eyes and then that means it’s time to clash clashing involves a Quick Time event. Which makes you press a series of keys in a random sequence the key is that you need to press are A S D and F I recommend you do it with it with a player because you can actually time went to clash like three two one go that’s all thing and yeah if you fail you lose five levels so don’t fail well I felt like three times but it doesn’t really matter just keep at it until you become a menace okay so you finally become a menace congratulations.

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But that’s pretty the most vulnerable you can be I was like a hollow because you need to survive for forty-five minutes to become the next form there’s a Dukas and if you want you can press as a menace. You can rip off your mask which that’s another quick time event same keys but you rip off your mask and you become a menacing car which is the weakest of all-around cars but like and honestly you might as well just wait the 45 minutes as you really want around the car but ultimately is up to you quickly adding this planned post good places to hide like the UH the palace you know Las Noches.

I’m taking this Minister as you can see and also the corners of the map because menaces are really big they’re black so they blend in with the map right it’s you can hide in the cornice or you can hide behind los  noches we can get to caracara and dance on top of buildings well so a few days get reset with over one sorry so now you’re in a jew kisscongratulations you can either rip off your mosque here become the most average rank are what is it add your car pretty decently or you can become a vast Oh Lords in order to become Augusto Lord

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Which is probably what everyone wants you to need to grind your way up to level 50 and then once you’re there you need to get like 300 to 400 worth XP points worth of like kills you know and then you can also use Hollow me to go towards that like anything that gives you XP it goes to what’s that so killing Halle is eating me killing other players.

But I wouldn’t recommend killing other players because you’ll die in the process and if you die you’re gonna lose like levels worth of XP and that’s not very good because you need a lot of XP to get T faster and also you need to live for about two hours I think it’s two hours but it’s not the same server like a menace so you can serve a hop in between so if people are chasing you down.

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You can just go Ganta out and come back to how I command a different server or something but eventually, you’ll meet the requirements of a stay there’s like new notification or wait to tell you’re getting closer I mean I guess you can just log all the kills but when you’re doing night.

It’s just gonna drive you insane like oh I’ve got a hundred kills I should be vastly right now like don’t do that just keep getting kills and you will eventually get it yeah so now your avasta congratulations press K and riff off the mask or you can say as a Vasto and risk devolving going through the whole ordeal again to become faster so I wouldn’t recommend it but if you do want to save us to make sure you plenty of kills for some XP so you don’t you know devolve the moment you die straight away because that would be really tragic also that’s an Arrancar I get low 55 and meditate with your zanpakuto.

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You’ll be able to use your resurrection yeah as well I really made this because people are I know such dicks in the discord they were saying shit like oh it’s so easy you should know how to do this and they don’t explain anything to anyone and people are just hoarding information to themselves and not saying anything so that’s why they make this video to try help some people so yeah good luck

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