Roblox Builders Club (Beginners Guide)

Roblox Builders Club

Roblox Builders Club

Hii Robloxians and welcome back here, your #1 reliable source for the latest and the greatest Roblox guide website. Today I’m going to show you how to generate Robux,

Roblox Builders Club

I’ll be going over the addition of the brand new Roblox Subscription Service replacing Builder’s Club called Roblox Premium! So, what exactly is Roblox Premium? Well Premium, as I said, is what the infamous Builder’s Club has been replaced with. Now there aren’t too many differences between BC and this new Premium service, but there are a few in which I’ll be going over in this post.

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So let’s just jump right into it! So first off, I just want to let you all know that as of this video being uploaded and being recorded, Premium is not quite out for everybody yet.  if you still have the page to buy Builder’s Club. Don’t worry, you should be getting the Premium page very soon within probably the next couple of days and/or weeks.

Anyways, one of the big differences between BC and Premium are the names and the levels for each. Now, this is huge news, now that you don’t have to pay as much to actually receive your paycheck! Before I wrap up this video, to any of you who had purchased Lifetime Builder’s Club when that was the thing years ago (probably not many of you have this), that will also still transfer over to Roblox Premium, so you will continue to have Roblox Premium forever.

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How do you get Robux the occasional? I wish I could have robux the occasional I can’t afford robux So lucky, and well you don’t need builder’s club or like anything to make robux You can make robux as an NBC player now I know it’s easier for builder’s club members to make robots .

Because you know there’s many different methods there’s trading you can make a game passes developer products and you can get like a Crazy amount of robots format you can buy and sell limited’s you can invest in Limited’s it can make clothing and you can get daily Robux as well But you know there’s also a method as an NBC player to make quite a nice amount of robux.

And the method that i’m talking about is getting hired by actual developers and They’ll pay you Robux like a crazy amount now Now if you guys want me to explain this in more depth like how to get hired by them like how to find them what to? And i’ll explain all of that now before you actually want to get hired.

I recommend like fixing up your building skills making sure It’s top-notch building skills your buildings need to look really good and really nice It’s actually get hired because it felix bad if it’s very uneven unsymmetrical very Blocky then you’re probably not going to get that much robux from your Creations so before you actually start looking for a job on the forums make sure that you have some pretty nice that you have Experience in building because if you don’t it’s not going to seem very professional.

Roblox Builders Club

You’re gonna seem like a guy who has no clue what they’re doing and they’re just trying to make Robux.  You do not want to be like that and once you get all your building skills.  All you gotta do is got to go Down to the forums and it can go down to the game creation and development Page where it has game design and the description of that says This is the forum to help Talk about future Roblox game ideas or gather an awesome building team so that right there gathering an awesome building team is what you want To join if you’ve made like a really cool house, and you want to sell it you can like go here and you can make Thread you can make a thread saying that you want to get hired by someone or you can like sell your things.

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You can try and agree on a reasonable price in robux And then you can sell your stuff here another way to get noticed and get hired is from Twitter Now on Twitter. You can post your creations You can just go to tweets and I recommend using the hashtag roblox dev hashtag because that’s where most Developers post their stuff you can post your image with that And then you can post that tweet and Twitter is great for this because you can meet new people you can talk to them easily.

And it is just perfect and there’s no Roblox filter, so if you say hi, it won’t get filtered They’ll actually see hi Instead of hashtag so Twitter is just great and there’s a lot of developers on Twitter now once you find someone that wants to Hire you make sure they’re trusted because if they’re not trusted they can easily scam you and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to get scammed and make sure you don’t scam them either.

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If you scammed them by using free models in your build then nobody’s gonna want to hire you because you used free models.  So make sure it’s all your work and make sure it looks absolutely Amazing and as you see here I actually spent Thousands and thousands of robux on just giving Robux to people that I’ve hired this one guy made an inventory system for me And I gave him ten thousand robux, which is actually quite a lot of robux.

There’s this other guy I gave him 1.5K for a jetpack and a developer products data store Then there are other people that I’ve paid hundreds of Robux to for like buildings and houses and things like that so you’ve just got to find the right person and then you’ll get hired and paid and the way you get paid is through group funds make sure it’s not through like a t-shirt or as a game pass in your game.

Because If it is there’s going to be a 90% fee on that and you’re only gonna get 10% if you’re NBC Whereas group funds. You get a hundred percent of what they give you so make sure to get your robots in group funds and not Throw a t-shirts or game pack

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