Roblox Builders Club (Beginners Guide)

Roblox Builders Club

Hii Robloxians and welcome back here, your #1 reliable source for the latest and the greatest Roblox guide website. Today I’m going to show you how to generate Robux,

Roblox Builders Club

I’ll be going over the addition of the brand new Roblox Subscription Service replacing Builder’s Club called Roblox Premium! So, what exactly is Roblox Premium? Well Premium, as I said, is what the infamous Builder’s Club has been replaced with. Now there aren’t too many differences between BC and this new Premium service, but there are a few in which I’ll be going over in this post.

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So let’s just jump right into it! So first off, I just want to let you all know that as of this video being uploaded and being recorded, Premium is not quite out for everybody yet.  if you still have the page to buy Builder’s Club. Don’t worry, you should be getting the Premium page very soon within probably the next couple of days and/or weeks.

Anyways, one of the big differences between BC and Premium are the names and the levels for each. Now, this is huge news, now that you don’t have to pay as much to actually receive your paycheck! Before I wrap up this video, to any of you who had purchased Lifetime Builder’s Club when that was the thing years ago (probably not many of you have this), that will also still transfer over to Roblox Premium, so you will continue to have Roblox Premium forever.

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How do you get Robux the occasional? I wish I could have robux the occasional I can’t afford robux So lucky, and well you don’t need builder’s club or like anything to make robux You can make robux as an NBC player now I know it’s easier for builder’s club members to make robots .

Because you know there’s many different methods there’s trading you can make a game passes developer products and you can get like a Crazy amount of robots format you can buy and sell limited’s you can invest in Limited’s it can make clothing and you can get daily Robux as well But you know there’s also a method as an NBC player to make quite a nice amount of robux.

And the method that i’m talking about is getting hired by actual developers and They’ll pay you Robux like a crazy amount now Now if you guys want me to explain this in more depth like how to get hired by them like how to find them what to? And i’ll explain all of that now before you actually want to get hired.

I recommend like fixing up your building skills making sure It’s top-notch building skills your buildings need to look really good and really nice It’s actually get hired because it felix bad if it’s very uneven unsymmetrical very Blocky then you’re probably not going to get that much robux from your Creations so before you actually start looking for a job on the forums make sure that you have some pretty nice that you have Experience in building because if you don’t it’s not going to seem very professional.

Roblox Builders Club

You’re gonna seem like a guy who has no clue what they’re doing and they’re just trying to make Robux.  You do not want to be like that and once you get all your building skills.  All you gotta do is got to go Down to the forums and it can go down to the game creation and development Page where it has game design and the description of that says This is the forum to help Talk about future Roblox game ideas or gather an awesome building team so that right there gathering an awesome building team is what you want To join if you’ve made like a really cool house, and you want to sell it you can like go here and you can make Thread you can make a thread saying that you want to get hired by someone or you can like sell your things.

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You can try and agree on a reasonable price in robux And then you can sell your stuff here another way to get noticed and get hired is from Twitter Now on Twitter. You can post your creations You can just go to tweets and I recommend using the hashtag roblox dev hashtag because that’s where most Developers post their stuff you can post your image with that And then you can post that tweet and Twitter is great for this because you can meet new people you can talk to them easily.

And it is just perfect and there’s no Roblox filter, so if you say hi, it won’t get filtered They’ll actually see hi Instead of hashtag so Twitter is just great and there’s a lot of developers on Twitter now once you find someone that wants to Hire you make sure they’re trusted because if they’re not trusted they can easily scam you and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to get scammed and make sure you don’t scam them either.

Roblox Jail Break

If you scammed them by using free models in your build then nobody’s gonna want to hire you because you used free models.  So make sure it’s all your work and make sure it looks absolutely Amazing and as you see here I actually spent Thousands and thousands of robux on just giving Robux to people that I’ve hired this one guy made an inventory system for me And I gave him ten thousand robux, which is actually quite a lot of robux.

There’s this other guy I gave him 1.5K for a jetpack and a developer products data store Then there are other people that I’ve paid hundreds of Robux to for like buildings and houses and things like that so you’ve just got to find the right person and then you’ll get hired and paid and the way you get paid is through group funds make sure it’s not through like a t-shirt or as a game pass in your game.

Because If it is there’s going to be a 90% fee on that and you’re only gonna get 10% if you’re NBC Whereas group funds. You get a hundred percent of what they give you so make sure to get your robots in group funds and not Throw a t-shirts or game pack

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How Do you earn robux? (10-Simple Ways)

How Do you earn Robux?

Hey, what’s up, guys? I’m gonna share with you ten- simple ways you can earn Robux in Roblox with or without Roblox Premium. But anyway, guys, let’s get started.

How Do you earn robux

Ways to earn Robux on Roblox

Number one is selling graphics. On Roblox, many people are looking for digital artists to make graphics for them whether that be graphics for their game’s user interface, their game’s thumbnails, group logos, personal profile graphics or really anything that would require an image that they would like to look as professional as possible. Depending on how good your images look some people are willing to pay thousands of Robux for these graphics. 

A little while back, Roblox made a feature where a group can pay outRobux to another player even if that player doesn’thave Roblox Premium. So that is how you can make Robux without Premium. So if you make some graphics for a war clan owner, a game developer or a role-playing group they can just pay out you the money.

Simple as that. Most if not all of these next ways of getting Robux is gonna be available for non Premium users through group payouts. Number two: making ads. Going along with number one in graphic design is making ads for people.

Making ads is a good way to start with graphic design especially if you aren’t too experienced with it because instead of making an entire 1920 by 1080 image you’re focusing on a lot smaller of an image.

Now I’m sure you have noticed these nice little ads on the side of your screen on While I’m sure you might also know that these ads are paid for by other Roblox users and they advertise for their groups or games.

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Well, here’s why that matters to you. Those players pay a lot of Robux to run those ads and so to make it worth it they need people like you to make those ads for them and make them so good that people will click on them.

How you make an ad is by opening your digital art program, set the image canvas size to either 728 by 90 for a banner ad, 160 by600 for a skyscraper ad, or 300 by 250 for a large rectangle ad. And then after that, start making an eye-catching image that will convince a wandering eye to click on it.

Making game trailers for games is still a somewhat new feature for game developers to have on their game’s page right before someone plays their game. And in many ways, it is what can convince a curious but indecisive player to hit that Play button.

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Because of this, many game developers invest in having a nice game trailer to catch the eye of soon to be players. Game trailers can be no longer than 30 seconds long and so you have to push all of your talents into that much time to make an amazing trailer for your client.

\. I once made a trailer for a guy that made a D-Day game, and I did not only get a good amount of Robux for it but I also made a really good friend out of it.

Friends in this business is what you want if you want to keep having endless amounts of people wanting trailers from you.

Again, Roblox Premium is not required. Number four: make clothing. Another way to guarantee to make Robux is by making clothes and selling them to other players in the catalog. Making shirts can get really complex, but with a little artistic ability, even the most basic of clothing designers can start making and earning Robux from their clothes.

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In quick terms, how you can make clothes is you download a free digital art program like or GIMP. Once you have that downloaded, you go download the shirt template from, delete the random colors, and from there, start drawing your design.

After your shirt is done you want to save it as a .PNG file, then you just upload it to Roblox, set the shirt for sale, and start seeing the sales bring in all kinds of Robux. Now, to upload clothes from your account you must have Roblox Premium to do so.

However, as I said before, for all you non Premium people out there, groups are a way around Premium. Although you personally can’t upload the clothes yourself without Premium, many groups allow players to send in their clothes by a3rd party client like Discord, and then the owner uploads it for them.

With this process, you can sell your clothes through the group and then have the owner of the group payout you the money you would have gotten from the sales. So I would recommend trying to land a spot on a designer group where they let all kinds of designers upload their work and them payout to them. That’s the easiest way without Premium. Number five: make uniforms.

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Adding onto number four is making uniforms. Making uniforms is my personal favorite because it’s how I make all of my Robux. Now, uniforms is something that almost every group is always looking for to get and or upgrade. If you are really good at making clothes then making uniforms is definitely a way you can make even more.

I once made uniforms for a British Navy group back in the day and they bought my uniforms for a total of 10,000 Robux. I also sold to smaller buyers to make even more. But needless to say, if you want to make more than what basic clothes can make you, make some uniforms. Number six: selling services to group owners.

There are many people who own groups like War Clans or role-playing groups that would love to hire people to do specific services for them. That could be making them clothing or uniforms, building them bases or businesses, making them ads to help them advertise, making them graphics, and many more.

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Some group owners sit on a lot of Robux and if you do a good enough job, they will pay you a lot. I also have met many people on Roblox that have built and sold bases, and graphic designers who made thousands of Robux for making group logos, and other images for groups.

The demand is out there, and if you’re good enough you can make a lot. Now, say you don’t know where or how to get in contact with group owners. This game I’m currently in is called Group Recruiting Plaza, and this game is a place where many owners of groups come to recruit and do business.

When I was the first starting out I would find an owner of a group here at the plaza and offer to make them uniforms fora fair amount of Robux.

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The majority of people here are people just getting started on their groups and so they won’t have too much Robux to pay you. But for beginner uniform makers that can sell uniforms for 10 to 20 Robux a uniform, .

The best way to get business is by having past clients refer their group owning friends to you. That’s how you start making uniforms for the Bigger clan owners that can drop 10,000 Robux on uniforms.

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Again, if you don’t have Roblox Premium, the owner of the group you sell services to can payout the Robux to you through their group. You don’t absolutely need Premium to do these services for group owners.

Number seven: make a game. Roblox is a platform where creators can use their skills to make their own games, and if it’s good, get people to play it and make Robux off of it. And if their game really explodes they can convert that Robux into real-life money, like the U.S. Dollar, by using Roblox’sDeveloper Exchange program.

Now, making a game is definitely the hardest thing on this list because making a game can get pretty intense, especially if you don’t know your way around Roblox Studio. A good way to get started by making games like Obbies or Tycoons.

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These are easy but fun games that people love to play all the time. They don’t necessarily have to be script heavy and most of the time you can find scripts to start an Obby or Tycoon in the FreeModels tab in Roblox Studio. However, I would stay away from using free models if at all possible.

Number eight: employee groups. Now, this is for all my group people. Now if you don’t know what an employee group is, it is a group that the owner of the group pays its members for service.

Most of the time this service is to be active in their group. If it’s a war or mercenary group it’ll be like getting paid for attending raids or training. But a lot of role-playing restaurants and retail stores pay their workers to stand behind a counter and serve customers.

Just know, for the most part, these groups are pretty short-lived and can’t run forever because while they are paying you they can pay anywhere between 10 and even 500 Robux. The 500 Robux being if you make your way through management.

They may be hard to get into as well, but if you can score a spot into a good employee group, you will make a lot. You could even make an employee group yourself if you want, and you’d be the one managing all the Robux. Starting your own mercenary group would probably be the easiest in my opinion.

Some more ways..

You can try to strike a deal with some war clan owners to pay you and your mercenaries to help them in raids and jump-start their group’s activity. Unless you’re the one owning the mercenary group, you do not need Roblox Premium to do this.

Number nine: trading. Now this one requires Roblox Premium and a lot of Robux and has a very high risk, but you can get a high return of Robux if you do it right. Now trading is a process that I like to compare to stocks, where you trade your limited hats, gear, and faces to other Roblox users .

when their value is low for items that are about to increase in value in hopes to increase the recent Average Price or RAP and value of your items.

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You can in return sell these items or keep trading them up the trade chain until you get even better items to sell. A good place to meet other players who are looking to trade their items is a game called Trade Hangout.

This game allows you to see everyone’s limited items and their value and RAP and so it’ll be the best spot to trade and earn Robux. Do know however that there are a lot of scammers in this community, so you better know what you’re doing or you’re gonna take some massive losses.

A good way to know what to do is to know what the value and RAP of each and especially know if the item looks as if it’ll go up in value soon. You can see RAP and Valuein the Trade Hangout game using the game’s user interfaces.


Some good tips to follow is to trade based on what has more value or what might increase in value with time and not just trade for RAP. RAP is important to look at, but don’t trade any old item because it might have more RAP at the moment. Another tip is don’t just trade items because you personally like the item.

Also, to be extra sure if an item is a good trade or not, look up the item on and look at these three things: the price chart, the most recent resellers, and how frequently the item is being bought.

If the chart isn’t somewhat level and the item infrequently getting bought, and the most recent resellers are selling the item for a lot less than the current RAP, it’s a bad item. Don’t trade for it.

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Lastly, if you get trade requests from random people, most, if not all the time, they are bots who send terrible trades to a ton of people in hopes of making huge wins off people who don’t know what they’re doing. So I would stay away far from that. Avoid it like it’s the plague.

Number 10 don’t get scammed. This last one isn’t really a way to get Robux but is more of a way to keep your Robux, and that is not getting scammed.

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Roblox Jail Break

 Jailbreak( Roblox)

Roblox Jail Break– Did you guys?! Roblox adventures You know I don’t think it’s as simple as merely just finding a police officer pickpocketing them and then getting out of here you know like unless Oh But ok I take that back, maybe it is effortless to do Okay, I think he’s chasing me right now.

Oh, no, he’s chasing. This would be such a good start, though. This is ridiculous. I don’t know what to do I’m just going to have to I wish I had the penguin morph We’re not the penguin morph, but just like the penguin outfit because in that way I could just zoom away Is he just going to chase me on foot now am I going to have to run to the monster truck?

Roblox Jailbreak

This is so dumb. How can they just kick you out so quickly? No, what am I supposed to do? And now that is stuck okay now I get into this one. No. I can’t. I still can’t. How has this been going on for this long? It’s just capping me.  No, What am I supposed to do? There’s nothing I can do in this situation. Do I need to go get a gun real quick? He’s going to taste me. It’s going to taste me again. I want here, so I’ll run in here And then I run back out here oh Did that wait a second did that work?

Jailbreak prank

Let’s maybe try going up here then you can at least try to steal a helicopter We might stop sometime. Okay. There was a police officer right there, but she didn’t notice me. Okay. There’s other There are other prisoners escaping right now. There’s the other police right there. Okay?

Can I actually just like Oh? Why come on Diego take that I now at least have something to fight them back with here Now no no no no this can’t be the way I go no no no no no Oh Am I still okay? I’m still okay? What okay? I just need to get into a vehicle come on Please can one just spawn right here, please please come on.

Go yes nice nice nice nice. Okay good We are actually We actually got away What okay, all right well now we got to make the most of it because we’ve escaped successfully with both a Keycard and weapons and even after that entire ordeal.

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We’re still okay It’s saying in the chat right now that like someone was just like robbing the bank and all that So we might have some catching up to do There’s actually we can check the bounty board in here where we got most wanted is at 1050 right now okay, that’s uh, that’s not too bad 1050 that means you essentially just have to rob both the jewelry store and the bank and then probably if you Manage to take down one police officer.

I think that’ll do it. It’s the bikes They always spawn here if there’s one there. We go okay bill five engine I should probably change out of my prisoner clothing, too Then again should we try to prank the police somehow because that seemed to work pretty decently the one time where I? Was at the episode where I? Was just as a police officer that I was doing really well.

I don’t know okay. No no Oh, Oh bad bad Okay, this bike please here. We go no the turning. Okay, the turning is very aggressive I need to be very careful. Just whenever I do that. Oh, okay. That’s a prisoner. That’s fine. How keep the tree Why is this office? I’m sorry to control.

I don’t remember this being so crazy. How oh? That is actually a police officer there, okay. We’re not gonna be going there. Just yet, actually let’s real quick come here And change the outcome on come on And then in here change out of that cool, and then back into the world This is just insane this bike is nuts.


Let’s actually go to the – what’d you call it the other place the? the donut store and The gas station because currently, we’re sitting at zero vanity. That’s not really doing it guys You know we’re gonna be doing a little bit better than that also Don’t take my word on this I’m pretty sure I saw the other day on Twitter follow me on Twitter by the way link in the description below I saw the other day on Twitter.

That’s the Jailbreak devs are making a new car is well, which seemed pretty cool. I actually couldn’t recognize What car it was but I mean also the picture was kind of like not the most like Shall we shall we off thing. I don’t know I just saw it like in a mention or something so take it  with a grain of salt Is that a police officer?

Jailbreak in Roblox

Yes, it is okay? I need to get out of here That’s not good. Is it gonna be chasing me now What if what if I totally tricked them Wow because now oh no no no no no? as on my fear You know where is he now okay?

I still think we’ll actually be the top if Talk about interception there? Can’t go in there yet Here it looks like that place was just recently robbed then and then here same story Maybe maybe not though you joined robbery. I did okay, is there uh? Oh, there’s hello, sir. That is a real shame Hold on guys. Do you mind if I just like real quick do a little robbery.

No cops here, please oh Okay, now we get on this and we get out of there. Oh oh There it is okay, and we got 500 bounties so we didn’t get all the money We usually stay until we get as much money as possible, but if we’re mainly focusing on the bounty It’s okay if we leave a little bit early so now sick drift on our way back.

That was actually a cool ramp I’m gonna six drift back here, and then do another six drift and We’re off Ah Okay that was pretty lame Let’s see if we can get the jewelry store now because it was closed when we last saw it, but for all we know It might now be a little bit more open.

Huh, let’s see any pose any Popo Oh Yep, lots of Popo Wow lots of them. Yep whole lot of Popo. Let’s go over here Loopback rent see if we can take an alternative route you see huh it’s still closed. I don’t think it’s gonna Let us in no, not yet I think all right well in that case well come in here And then as soon as we see oh we can see the sign from here.


There’s that light part, and I’m terrible at that I Constantly die still it’s still closed. I’m just being Like if we really really want to be hitting records this is the way to do it because if we’re just driving around we’re exposing ourselves to police and Then as well as I should actually be watching my signs as well here it happens It’s it has happened way too often now.

Whereas soon as I leave the jewelry store That’s whenever someone actually goes in and Rob’s it so I really just don’t want that to happen again So if I’m here I can see both the entryway And then by just tilting my camera I can see whether it is close to open so little tip for you guys watching Maybe if you happen to be even worse at jailbreak than me .

This might be a good little insider tip not a bad little spot But I mean this is this is kind of just camping so I don’t really know how good I feel about myself Ok so that dude was just kicked out of his vehicle oh It’s open its open ? Oh lame Wow they were just on the other side of the building You see you see what I even sat there and waited for it, and it still didn’t happen Okay, is this available yet?

No. It’s still closed. Are you kidding me right now. I just need to sit around more that is That is so unlucky Well might as well make our way back to the gas station Hopefully nobody has robbed to that since we were there there was some.

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Hopefully, he didn’t stop for us, okay Come on, Mike. Can you turn? Can you not get stuck on the smallest bumps, please hello? Sorry guys I’m just a little flustered after that stupid jewelry store had to close even after I was Waiting for it and waiting and waiting Okay, here we’re here everything’s fine.

Let’s go. Let’s just drop this man. If you could hurry up Please the police are after me on come on oh You go a little faster Does it even okay good we actually got something from that we’re at a thousand bounty That’s not bad at all robbing these places Honestly might be the easiest way to achieve the thing is if we want to hit a record We could probably easily get like a world record by just constantly going back and forth between the donut store.

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This is bad get out of there Is he just so you just afk in there okay? Well real quick I want to peek through the window who’s got top bounty right now. What? Do you guys see that? Can we get a zoom in on that? 3,050 and then second place is 2100 What? How am I supposed to beat that I thought we were doing good at 12:50? But the current bounty is three thousand three thousand fifty.

Even I’m pretty sure that is insane How does anybody beat that can we set the pope I don’t know? Still can’t get in I think a the closed sign if the closed sign is there you just can’t do it Maybe we should get into the Veyron and go and or actually no let’s go get the helicopters. It’s still there No, no, it’s not oh, but that is a police officer right there bike can you not get stuck on the tiniest objects, please, okay? I just had a crazy idea.

I just had an absolutely insane idea I’m gonna save it for next episode though. Out sorry. I’m just doing some loops right now because there was some PO right beside me when can we go out here? No, no we can’t it’s got the Veyron then we’re gonna go to those all those other places That will get us some fine bounty unless Is this place available now? No definitely not Veyron please here?

We go and let’s get out of here before any Pope come Let’s go like this, and then oh excuse me mr.. Police officer imax is trying to evade you right now and Perfect I don’t know what the point of that was is there the pole right there.

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We just get over 2,000 bounty and then I can at least say you know what I hit two thousand I feel pretty good about that and then next time we try this it would actually be really like with this new information we have I Feel like it’d be pretty easy Getting even like way higher numbers See because from the jewelry store in order to collect it you actually have to go back to the criminal base.

But the bank is just a real quick drop in and out the difference is you require a keycard for it so I suppose that’s where the difficulty can come into play I Do hear a police officer? He’s not stopping is he I think he is okay. We’re getting out of here He’s chasing somebody should we stay should we stick around nope police right there? So there’s a whole lot of criminals right now, but barely any prisoners?

Thank you

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Rocitizens – Overview

Rocitizens is a thrilling fun game that attracts millions of players towards it on Roblox. This game has a unique gameplay, which leaves a high impact on its players.

Firebrand1 is the creator of Rocitizens, & it was developed in 2013. Still, it’s able to attract 493+ million visitors to itself, its a really big number. 

The Graphics and design of Rocitizens are phenomenal. Also, because of its unique gameplay, it is gaining expected popularity day after day.

 This game got constant updates and getting introduced to the new attractive features by the developers for the players. 

Rocitizens Gameplay 

This is a game based on your life story, includes several careers for a player.  This game contains interesting tasks that involve buying a house, Job work,  socialization, etc.

This depends on a player what kind of career you choose and perform all tasks in the game well. The maximum limit of players in rocitizens is twenty.

There are few career options like, choose one as a choice –

  • Crime
  • Retail
  • Cuisine
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medicine

Inside the game, the player can build a house, buy cars, apartments, use the phone, get food, buy clothes, and many more tasks. 

The player can customize the furniture & home in the game by purchasing the premium custom furniture, tools, gears, or items. 

Play the game and get the endless joy of playing in different types of careers and living virtual life. 

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Top Rocitizens  –  FAQs

Why play Rocitizens?

This is one of the rare game with the best gameplay, based on player,s life. By playing different careers in rocitizens, the player would inevitably discover the ultimate experience.

The player can learn here socialization, which takes into the other virtual world. Because of its unusual gameplay, millions of players visit and play it.

It is a unique game, & it is impossible to discover any game carefully like it. This game is designed to give an extraordinary experience to every player.

How to get more rocitizens codes for free?

There are different ways to search rocitizens codes for free, (1)Facebook follow the rocitizens community and groups on Facebook and keep looking for new codes here.

The second most prominent way to get free rocitizens money codes or free items is (2)Youtube. Open your youtube account and type for the latest rocitizens codes. Now start digging inside the youtube videos shown in results. This method of search codes may take a lot of time.

The third way to get the codes for the Rocitizens game is (3)Twitter. It’s an unusual method to get free codes, Follow the developer of rocitizens on twitter. The developer mostly creates all these codes. On the official account, you may find here the newest codes for Roblox rocitizens.

Is rocitizens free to play?

Rocitizens is one of the top popular games available on Roblox. It fascinates every user on Roblox. It is free to play for any player. To play these games, the user needs to download it first and install it in the supporting device t play. But it also has some premium features, for better gaming experience & its optional.



We tried our best to provides you with free valuable stuff here. You can redeem one Rocitizen code for only one time. The top codes mentioned above are tried and tested by us. Still, some of them are bounded by the time limit.

Rocitizens codes written on the top table are mostly  100% correctly working and updated every weekly\24 hrs another other hand codes posted in the second table below are primarily old. They may not work, but you can try them.

Try to redeem instantly. Also if any promo code will not work, we are not responsible for that, few of them may be expired. The official Roblox promo codes are limited, and all are mentioned above.

This is not a sponsored content or not any affiliate content. Enjoy free codes and tell your other friends by sharing with them on Facebook or Whatsapp. Also, you can check out for more freebies and codes for free

Latest Roblox Gear Codes list | Gear ID & Rewards [JULY-2020]

Latest Roblox Gear Codes  To Redeem

Hello Robloxers, All Roblox games include gears to play the game. Do you need top Roblox gear codes? Roblox is an extraordinary platform, to play thousand of free and premium games.

More than 100+ million players play here multiple games. This allows users to design their own games in Roblox studio. But without having any gears inside the game, it is joyless to play the game.

So we are here with the latest  Roblox gear IDs for players. Get the code or ID from here and redeem it on Roblox.

Roblox Gear Codes

The codes are already tested here and updated every 24 Hrs\ Week,  grab before they expire. Now let’s check some real stuff here.

Top New Gear Codes For free 2020 – UPDATED 

Roblox Gear ID \ Code Gear \Item
120869684 Sword of Azurewrath 
228040778 Porsche
129508466 Mended Dragonsbane Greatsword
227308394 Avanta
114469140 Huge House FREE
226830131 Rainbow Magic Carpet
129508466 Mended Dragonsbane Greatsword
126142607 DarkAge Master Sword of Purple Flame
175479594175479594 Speed Gravity Coil
639345143 Galactic Green Blaster
258266577 Attack Husky
180677586 Murders Revolver
118808671 Heat Seeking Missile Launcher
175478255 Sword Pack of Classical Memory
336458333 Attack Doge
103727739 Power Glove Favorite
3840063 Shotgun free
32859591 Grapple Hook
17241051 Captains Flintlock


Premium Roblox Gear codes

Roblox Gear Codes  Gear\Item
306971294 Bat Scythe
26017478 Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun
467935723 Robot Guard Dog
517827255 Double Bladed Scythe
467138029 Robot Dance Gun
13207169 Stone Hammer
928805891 Golden Rolling Hoverboard
298087401 Fusion Gatling Blaster
32356064 Rocket Launcher


Roblox Gears

Roblox gear is a  special item, weapon or accessory which is used inside the Roblox game by the players.

Gears work as a prop for every player and play the most important role in any game. Roblox includes a large number of games so there is a huge number of gears also available here.

Players can get these gears by simply logging in into the account and search for gears in the search box and get free as well as premium gears.

Roblox Gears – FAQs

What is Roblox gear codes?

Roblox gear codes are the numerical numbers, which are served as codes to get any item for the game. Buy the use of these codes players can own any item for the game.

How to get Roblox gear codes free?

Players can use lots of methods to get free Roblox gear ids or codes. The first place to search for the codes is (1)Facebook search here for free Rocitizens Codes you will get lots of free codes ain results.

The second place to find gear codes is one of the best methods for free codes, is (2)Youtube, open it and type for gear codes for Roblox now start testing all codes shown in the latest video.

The third one is Twitter go on twitter and search the same term, you will get here plenty of codes to use. Choose what suits you the best or try all of them.

How to buy Roblox gears?

Buying Roblox gear is common, checkout below in order to buy gears on Roblox

  1. Unlock your device and login to the Roblox account and open your dashboard.
  2. Now Look for the search bar and type for gears
  3. Open the gear catalogue from the autosuggestion.
  4. Next is to find the gears and click on it fast.
  5. Here you can choose the gears to purchase.
  6. Now select the gear to purchase and click over it.
  7. Pay the amount of Robux to buy the gear.
  8. Now it will be automatically added to your inventory.


We tried our best to provides you with free valuable stuff here. You can redeem one Roblox gear code for only one time. The top codes mentioned above are tried and tested by us. Still, some of them are bounded by the time limit.

Roblox gear codes written on the top table are mostly  100% correctly working and updated every weekly\24 hrs another other hand codes posted in the second table below are primarily old. They may not work, but you can try them.

Try to redeem instantly. Also if any promo code will not work, we are not responsible for that, few of them may be expired. The official Roblox promo codes are limited, and all are mentioned above.

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Roblox Music Codes list Exclusive | Top Artists & Music ids (JULY-2020)

Latest Roblox Music Codes

Hey Robloxers, are you discovering top songs or raps Roblox music codes for this year, So here we are with our updated list of Roblox music codes. Now you can listen to your favourite songs while playing the game and double your gaming experience. 

We are here with exclusive music codes with song IDs, which includes the latest hits and pop music. You can choose your favourite song and pick the music code from here and listen to your favourite music randomly. 

We provide here special and latest working codes for Roblox users only. Only contributing here top music codes for Roblox and trending songs ids.  To play your most favourite song, copy the music id and paste in the game and enjoy both gaming and music. 

roblox music codes

Exclusive Roblox Music Codes – APRIL-2020 List

Top Songs Roblox Music code
Paranoid – Post Malone 2916450382
Panini – Lil Nas X 3340674075
Lucid dreams – Juice Wrld 3956963046
Yummy – Justin Bieber  4591688095
Blinding Lights – The Weekend 4476432839
Too Young – Post Malone 2907802814
Thank You next – Ariana Grande 2801121982


Top Songs Roblox Music code
Congratulations by Post Malone 1734402340
I Lied by Nikki Minaj 205548940
Believer by Imagine Dragons 1137578023
Faded by Alan Walker 279206904
I am a banana  169360242
Alone by Marshmello 639750143
Spectre by Alan Walker 279207008
Maroon-5 Memories By Osi 4511557198
Post-Malone-Goodbyes 3432857981

Latest Roblox Gear Codes  To Redeem Hello Robloxers, All Roblox games include gears to play the game.

Shrek anthem cool  152828706
Running in the oof ( Shocked Pikachu) 1051512943
Have Trade Em All 898145463
Blessings by Big Sean 455514322
Shake That 130776004
Sub Urban (Cradles) 3417133618
Illuminati Confirmed (MLG) 485725775
Radioactive (DESC) 131111368
CRAB Rave OOF 2590490779
Party Music 141820924

Hello Robloxers, are you looking for the top mainstream & reliable  Rocitizens codes?

Revenge (Minecraft Music) 3807239428
Imagine Dragons Demons 131261480
no 130786686
Lil-Nas-X-Panini 3340674075
XXXTENTACION moonlight 1346523498
Can’t Touch This 131122314
DDDddd  Drop The Bass 130777688
Spectre 269096289
Peppa pig diss track 2744364567

Roblox music ids – 2020

Nightcore Light Em Up 587156015
Help Me Help You Logan-Paul 833322858
Whose that pokemon  130767090
Fedora cool music 1151988856
Deja OOF 1444622447
PSY the Gentleman  131326102
The Roblox Song amazing 1784385682
Billie Eilish (bad guy) 3035657191
when u die  (Minecraft) 2607544190


I m Batman you 130769318
Sped up Girl Like You Sean Divine 2605478793
LOuD LOuD LOuD LOuD LOuD 4465573536
Halloween Thunder wave exclusive 12222030
Justin-Bieber One Dance (Remix) 427404831
YOU ARE A PIRATE  130774314
Creepy Music Box fresh 143382469
Ladies-And-Gentlemen We Got Him 2624663028
Trevor Daniel  (Falling) 4566572610


Billie Eilish-bad guy Exclusive 3129728632
Lil Nas X Old Town Road 2924787912
Justin Bieber-Yummy 4591688095
juice WoRLD Bandit by Nick Mira 4560876752
Tones And I Dance-Monkey (Remix) 4070784981
Juice WRLD (Lucid Dreams) 3956963046
Jojo Golden Wind   2890284127
 Alan Walker ( Alone) 2454470726
good morning TOKYOs REVENGE Clean audio 4560519760
Billie Eilish Lovely ft. Khalid 2183613911


Latest Roblox codes & music ids

Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I like it  2157670250
Vem me satisfazer (alto) 4505663093
Screaming 567545087
Buttercup 4546685302
Grandson Blood Water-Nightcore 2808524036
BTS (방탄소년단)   IDOL 2259144464
Trevor D falling  2677086605
Post Malone – Better Now 2916513007
Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello-SeNorita 3340810170
Marshmello ft Bastille Happier 2231029439


Bad Vibes Forever-XXXTENTACION 4493121233
Ariana Grande thank you next 2801121982
Nightcore Believer-Imagine Dragons 998452668
Billie Eilish bury a friend 2965514927
ONA BY TAK CHCIA A Ronnie-Ferrari 3963056818
Lil pump alfa 4497382161
BTS-Fake Love 2220957452
Lil Nas X Rodeo ft Cardi B 3341449550
BTS-DOPE 2217267569
BTS-GOGO 2572058771


2u ft Justin Bieber & David Guetta 857941026
Imagine-Dragons Bad Liar 3153430847
bad bunny -VETE 4441871370
Post-Malon-Rockstar 3815736088
Justin Bieber – It’s Too Late To Say Sorry 344492703
Havana 2377434021
Marsh mellow Anne Marie -friends 1448967623
Post Malone – Wow 2930724233
Drake – God,s Plan 2376569985
Panda 401059459


Ed Sheeran-Shape of You (Remix) 1349232024
Titanium nightcore  398159550
Scary skeleton  160442087
Alan Walker-Darkside 2923721277
Eminem-I m Not Afraid 131149175
Imagine Dragons-Demons 131261480
Flo Rida-Whos With-Me 3124744200
Imagine Dragons-Thunder 2653366831
Bad Bunny-Solo de mi 2680439314
Hard Bass School -Narkoman 3931075110


Post Malone Sunflower – Full Song 3183066364
BTS IDOL 2259144464
Freedom Loop 3183066364
Ariana Grande 7 rings 2801252370
Justin Bieber-Yummy 4591688095
DOG 130761235
 My Song but everything is yours, my friend 572772454
Flamingo Get Noob-OFFICIAL 3294823185
TWICE-Fancy 3137532797
My Little Pony Alex Glitch-Remix 173861865



Best POP International Artist Song ID / Music Codes


  • Justin Bieber  


Song Name Music ID ( Roblox music code)
  • Let You In
  • I am the one (remix)
  • I Don,t Care
  • 2U ft. David Guetta
  • Coldwater


  • Post Malone


  • Wow
  • I Am Not Good At Goodbyes
  • Die For Me
  • What You Want
  • Rockstar
  • Circles
  • Takin Shots Clean
  • Sunflower


  • Alan Walker


  • The Spectre
  • Walker Again
  • On my way
  • Darkside
  • Sing Me To Sleep
  • Lily Exclusive


  • Dua Lipa


  • The Future Nostalgia
  • Don’t Start Now
  • New Rules
  • Scared To Be Lonely ft. Martin-Garrix
  • Somebody To Love Me ft. Troy Sivan
  •  Be The One


  • Eminem


  • Mockingbird
  • Love the Way You Lie ft. Rihana
  •  I Need A Doctor
  • Like Toy Soldiers
  • The Hills ft. The Weekend
  • Die Hard
  • Rap god


  • Ariana Grande


  • Focus- Nightcore
  • Daydreaming-Nightcore
  • India
  • How I Look On You
  • God Is A Woman -Remix
  • Don,t Call Me Angel -remake


  • BTS




  • Ed Sheeran


  • Shape of you
  • Gateway Girl
  • I Don’t Care ft. Justin Bieber
  • No Diggity ft. Passenger
  • I See Fire ft. Kygo Remix
  • The City


  • Maroon-5


  • Sugar
  • Payphone
  • Girl Like You ft Cardi B-remix
  • Don’t Wanna Know ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • Memories (cover)


  • Drake


  • Congratulations
  • Gods Plan
  • Something
  • Money-in-the-Grave
  • One Dance
  • Nice For What


  • Imagine dragons
  • Thunder complete song
  • Monster complete song
  • Believer Flighthouse
  • Demons
  • Natural
  • Working Man


  • Beyonce


  •  Big Baby Gucci
  • Halo full song
  • Ring-Off
  • Run the world
  • Brown skin girl song
  • Anything for you


  • Charlie Puth


  • All we know Beat
  • Don’t Let Me Down
  • Something Just Like This Remix
  • Who Do You Love
  • Don’t Look Down
  • Nightcore Closer
  • PARIS Launchpad Cover Remix


  • Billie Eilish


  • Bad Guy original song
  • Hostage-nightcore
  • SHE iS brOKen
  • Watch
  • Bury a friend song
  • Goodbye  new song
  • Lovely ft. Khalid


  • Travis Scott


  • WAKE UP song
  • Don’t Touch Me Feat. Ed Sheeran
  • Goosebumps
  • Stargazing
  • Butterfly Effect Full
  • Stargazing-Live performance


Roblox Music Codes ( Overview)

Roblox is a vast gaming virtual place where millions of players and creators come to play or design their .own games and sell. But it provides a unique feature to the players Roblox music, which includes a music library where you can add your favourite music and listen on duration game playing for the best gaming experience. 

Roblox music codes are the codes in numerical form. By using these codes, players can access the song or music of his\her choice and play it while playing games for free. Apart from that, you can also create your playlist by paying some Robux on Roblox.

Roblox Top – FAQs

How do you get music codes on Roblox?

If you are a Roblox player and want to find Roblox music code, use this method to get music code.

  1.  Log in to your account, or create your official account on and go to the search bar.
  2. Search for the audio library, now select any song here and open it.
  3. Discover for the numerical code in the URL of the web browser on top.
  4. This is the Roblox music code or song id you can surely use to listen to your song.
  5. Also, get any song id or code from above and enjoy the song in-game.

How do you play music in Roblox?

Playing cool music while playing the game is cold, so to play music in the game. You need to follow few steps to play music in the Roblox game.

  1.  The first step is to log in to your account,  search for the music library.
  2. Go to the audio section on the right side, and select the song, to play.
  3. The next step is to click over the song find the Roblox music code from the URL bar.
  4. Or you can copy the Roblox music id directly from here.
  5. Copy the music code and open the game to play on Roblox.
  6. Click over the user Id in the game and paste the code here.
  7. Now you can automatically listen to your music while playing the game.

How to find my user ID?

It is not complex to find your user ID on Roblox. In case to find your user id on Roblox, go your account or sign up if you don,t have one.

Further, click on your profile from the menu bar on the corner. Open the profile, now search for the number in the URL bar on top of your browser page. This numerical code is the user Id on the Roblox.

How to redeem your Roblox music code?

Follow a few steps to redeem or play Roblox music code.

  1. Sign up or log in to the account on Roblox first.
  2. Now the next step is to visit here on our website
  3. The next step is to select your choice song id or code from the site.
  4. Or you can choose the song from the audio library and get the code from there.
  5.  Now open your game, where you want to play this music on Roblox.
  6. Open your user ID here and paste the song inside, and now your song is redeemed.
  7. You can play it now on repeat and enjoy gaming on Roblox.

How can I add music to Roblox?

Roblox allows users to add their music to the audio library, follow the complete procedure to add music on Roblox.

  1. Visit your account by logging in, now go to the audio section.
  2. Click on audio and now choose the music file to upload.
  3. Next, play no of Robux to upload that file into the server.
  4. After completing this purchase, upload this file to the Roblox server.
  5. Once the upload is succeeded, this music will be automatically added.
  6. Now you can enjoy that music on


Why Roblox music codes expire?

Roblox music codes sometimes expire, because of the copyright issue of the song. All songs and music are included copyrights with them. Due to this, Roblox removes songs from its servers. Thus the player cannot listen to the music, and music code expires automatically.

Where else can I find Roblox music codes?

Apart from Roblox, there are some more ways to find music codes. Follow any of these for more music ids.

The first is(1) Youtube. It is one of the best and 100% authentic platform where you can get real and working music codes. Now visit the youtube and search for your song you want to listen to Roblox. As a result, you will get multiple videos there try any of the legit ones by reading their comment box.

Moreover that you can search for the latest Roblox music codes, you will automatically get the latest available songs with music codes.

Now another way is the most known (2) Google search for your song name with Roblox id, For, e.g., go to your browser and search for Rockstar music id and click on search.

Now you will see the list of websites, as a result, open any 1 to 5 no. Website. You will find your Roblox music id for sure.  If you want the latest and thousands of music codes, you can already check here.

(3) Facebook is another best medium to get tons of music codes, thousands of systems codes are available here, search for the Roblox music ids, and you will get many results, choose of them and enjoy your music.

What is Robux? Can we use it to upload music on Roblox?

Roblox is a popular gaming platform; expanding everyday users can sell and create here games. This gaming place has crowed with millions of users who actively play here Roblox games. It presents a fantastic opportunity for people to develop and design their games and sell them to make.

But it does not allow direct money transactions between sellers and buyers. Roblox has created its currency known as Robux; it can be purchased with real money and can also be swapped with real money on Roblox.

Yes, any user can upload any music to the Roblox music library by spending Robux. In case if any user wants to upload any audio file to the Roblox music, then that user has to pay a specific number of Robux to upload that audio file. It is impossible to upload any audio or make any music without spending Robux.



This website is created to provide free Roblox promo codes mostly. We are not sponsored by Roblox. We tried our best to give here free Roblox music codes, above. You can find here all kinds of promo codes. All are updated every 24 hours.

You will get here all types of music code, for free. Every code is updated recently, but you may find here some expired music ids codes, we are not responsible for that, check for the next one, that may be removed for the copyright issues. Enjoy your gaming with your favourite music on Roblox.

If you love Roblox free codes or find it helpful enough, then check out  & share it with other Roblox.