How to make money on roblox?

How to make money on Roblox?

Hey what is up guys welcome back here! In today’s post we will learn how to make money on Roblox. So I have made this top ten lists of good ways to earn Robux, so you guys can get money fast. To make clothes, all you need is a free program called, which I use, and it is perfect for making clothes with.

So if you got a good taste for drawing and art, this is a good way to earn some robux for not that much work.

So coming in at number 9 is employee groups. Now, if you don’t know what an employee group is, it is a group that the owner of the group pays its members for a service; most of the time, this service is to be active in their group.

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If its a war group it will be like being paid for attending raids or training. But a lot of Role Playing Restaurants pay their workers to stand behind a counter and service customers. Just know, for the most part, these groups are pretty nooby and can’t forever because they will eventually run out of money to pay you.

But while they are paying you they pay anywhere between 50 and even 500 Robux! Now, the next three options all are about selling group products to people; these are a good way to earn fast money. And a good place to go for this is Recruiting plaza, there is a lot of people there who are just starting their group and are looking for services.

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Now, at number 8 is making GFX’s for people this can be profile pictures, game thumbnails, anything to do with basic photoshop skills to make an awesome looking image. Making a GFX requires more skill than making clothing does, so if you feel you are already past the point of making clothing, this is a good place to start earning money.

For Number 7, we have to make ads. Now, making gads is kind of like making GFX’s, but it’s less intense because of making a full 1920x1080picture, you just making a simple skyscraper scaled image that is meant to catch a viewers eye. Tons of people are always looking for people to make the ads, and some people pay a lot for it, so you can always find clients to make some Robux off of.

Coming in at number 6 is my personal favorite, because this is how I make a lot of my money from, is making uniforms. Now uniforms are the best way, in my opinion, to make money, especially if you are good at making clothing. Making uniforms can be an excellent profit for you if you find the right payer. I once made 10thousand Robux from selling uniforms to a guy, and it honestly wasn’t even that hard. But since I’ve been making uniforms actively for one year, I wouldn’t go around trying to sell uniforms for 10 thousand Robux. Start small at 50 Robux a uniform and increase it over time.

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Also, a good way to increase value in your uniforms is if you use a good shading template. The one I use is pretty good and adds great value to my uniforms.

Now, number 5 is not really a way to earn money but it is a good way to keep your money. And that is to not get scammed. UnfortunatelyRoblox has a HUGE community of scammers that will trick you into doing a service for them for free. Do not fall for these idiots, a good way to avoid getting scammed is to search their name of Roblox if they have many profiles linked to theirs that state that these people are scammers, that is a major red flag.

Also, demand they pay you before you give them the product. If the client claims they don’t want to get scammed show them a sample of what you are giving them. For Uniforms, GFX, and other digital things. Show them a screenshot of the picture but make the image low quality with a watermark on it.

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That way they have no excuse to claim you can scam them, cause you just proved you did your part of the deal. Now at number 4, is to make a game. Making games can get pretty intense and hard if you don’t know your way around Roblox Studio. A good way to start making a game is to make hobbies or Tycoons, these are easy but fun games that people love to play all the time. Just know that you may receive insults from people who don’t like your game. But you’re just learning and will get better with time.

Also known that making a game is a little hard to get a good return from because you have to actually get people to play the game. Now say you made a game it’s really popular you want to get a good investment off of it. Tip number 3 is to try to get a Youtuberto to play your game. Youtube is use place where people go for entertainment and if they like watching their favorite YouTubers playing your awesome game, they’ll keep coming back to your game again and again.

As you can see on the screen a lot of people lately have been making DanTDM related tycoons is hopes that he plays it. Yes, this does get very annoying and I dislike a lot of those games. But hey, if it’s working for them. They’re doing something right. At number 2 is advertising. once you have some cash under your belt from doing the other things below, you can start putting money towards advertisements.

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Advertisements are a good way to get your services out there, be it a retail group that sells all your awesome clothing, or your game, or anything really. Advertisements do require you to have a bit of cash already but if you have a good looking at and good service in return you can make a lot of money by doing this. Now, this last one requires a lot of money and has a very high risk, but you can get a high return if you do it right. And that’s Trading. Now Trading is a simple but also a hard process where you trade your limited hats, gear, and faces to other users in hopes to increase the RAP and value of your items, you can in return sell these items or keep trading them to gain lots of wealth and popularity.

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But know there is a lot of scammers in this community so you better know what you’re doing. A good way to know what to do is to know what the value and RAP of each item is. A good website that you can see on the screen but is also in the description is a way to see the rap of items and see if they are worth trading.

Now that is my top ten list of how to make money on Roblox. I hope these tips give you some inspiration and motivation to make some money so that you can get further in Roblox and have a real fun time playing. Thanks, for reading my post if you have any questions please feel free to ask below in the comments, and give your own tips to people how you make your Robux. Anyway guys, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time.


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