How to make clothes on roblox? (Design T-Shirt)

How to make clothes on roblox?

How to make clothes on Roblox?

Welcome here to this post Robloxians! So, today we’re gonna be making a ROBLOX shirt on Chromebook OS using PIXLR link. First, press the open image. Then press your Roblox template for shirts. Then press open. Now, search up the material your gonna use for your shirt.

So, I have chosen gold but I’m not looking for this. So, now I’m gonna look up “gold close up” Perfect! Now, you need to right-click your picture then press “save image as.” Now go to PIXLR. Now, press the plus sign (+) then press image then press your material your gonna use then press open.

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I’m gonna zoom in so I can place the material correctly in the box. Now, click and drag the corner to make it smaller. Then, press “duplicate” to make it go faster. Perfect! Now, it’s time for the left arm. Use the corner to make it smaller. Then, press duplicate. Then, click and drag to make it fit perfectly. Now its time for the backside. Press duplicate. Now, fit it in. Then, press duplicate. Now, go to the top and fill that box in.

How to make clothes on roblox?

I am zooming in to make the pockets nice. Now, press the plus sign (+) then press drawling. Now, make the color black and make it small. Sexy. Now, make it bigger so you can color in faster. Sexy. Now, time for the hood. Now color it in. Magic. Now, you need to make the neck hole. Magic. Now its time for the backside of the hood. Now, color it in. Sexy. Now, for the interior. Magic. Now, its time for the arms.

Hold up I need to fix this first. 2 hours later. Yes, I know that white doesn’t match. If you want to know what I’m making, I’m making a zipper. Sexy. Finally, its time for the arms. I’m pretty sure you know what to do here. Now, press saves then press download as JPG. Now, go to ROBLOX. Go to create. Go to shirts. Press choose a file then press the shirt that you just made then press open. Now name your shirt. Then, press upload.

 Design a t-shirt on Roblox ( Roblox shirt template)

I’m gonna be showing you how if you get any t-shirt or a shirt on Roblox for free without the builder’s oh yeah they call it Roblox premium now with the weird symbol so if you don’t have a club you’re only gonna be able to get t-shirts but if you do have builder’s club you can get any shirt ort-shirt for free

So going to catalogs and find a t-shirt that you want so I’m just gonna find a random-shirt let me so I got talks okay that did not work clothing so the so here are a lot so most of them aren’t t-shirts so let’s see like say you want to be like really rich but this is way too expensive and 43 people bought this!?! WHY?

This I’ll show you how they got it so this only works on the computer that I know of so what you want to do is you want to go up to here. Which is a link and you’re gonna see this number right here and that is a number of it so what you want to do is you want to do this and then keep counting down the number so make it out of two so it’s one below.

It just going to show like a random thing you want to keep doing that until you find something.  I’ll show you what you’re gonna be looking for this so this is the image that was used to make that shirt so what you want to do is you want to save this image so I’m just gonna save this as an example put that on the desktop now I have the image on my desktop and the same image views for the shirt so then you can go to my creation go-to t-shirts and right here.

Here are some of my t-shirts and what you want to do is you want to choose the file click and then open on to it you can title it whatever you want something’s gonna title it like white now I’m just gonna title it free they can let me type whatever so I’m gonna title it free t-shirt and then you’re gonna have the link right there and then click upload once you upload visit a shirt it’s gonna come up like that because check if it is appropriate and then you can click on it and see look you got the free t-shirt for free and it’s the exact same t-shirt you can do that for any shirts or pants

So if you wanted that Naruto Bleach and full metal alchemist sure you can go and keep counting down the numbers until you get it and you can do it the same way look you only had to go down one so it’s easy and you just got that shirt and what’s the building’s good to get a little more so you can get any shirt you want for free and you get the exact same way but this does not work for games or anything else but I  believe it works for models even early you can have an extension fo that.

So thank you guys for visiting to my website and I hope you enjoyed and the Cope land relatives will be easy for you to understand so thank you.

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