How to Beat the Killhouse on Legend | Roblox Entry Point

How to Beat the Killhouse on Legend

How to Beat the Killhouse on Legend

Welcome here to the blog Here I will guide How to Beat the Killhouse on Legend. One of the badges in Entry Point called “Give Me a Real Mission” requires the player to beat the Killhouse with no alarms and no kills. For some, this is a difficult task, so I’ve created a step-by-step guide. Before you start, you need a capable team with a proper loadout.

Teams can have one, two, or three members; four people are too much for stealth. Overall, the best option is to form a duo with a trusted friend. Three-person teams work okay, but duos allow for better communication and cooperation. Soloing is also viable, but it’s not recommended unless you’re an experienced player. Mercenary-based classes are notoriously poor at stealth; don’t take them for this mission.

How to Beat the Killhouse on Legend

Infiltrators and Breachers are the go-to classes because they can pick locks and access camera looping. Technicians work OK, but they aren’t good enough alone; you need at least one person who can pick locks and at least one person who can loop cameras. Taking a lockpick is a must. You can also take a keycard scrambler, or you can take a micro cam for the spawn room. Keep load-outs cheap and don’t take more items than you need. In Legend, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

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You must think in terms of safety vs. risk: if you take too many risks, then you’re probably going to mess up, but if you don’t take any risks, then you won’t get anywhere. Complete the level slowly and systematically, doing each task one by one. All team members must get a disguise before moving on to the next step. Here are two ways to get disguises. One: the spawn lure. Open the door of the spawn room and stand a few studs behind it. Wait for a guard to come near and face your direction. Equip your gun, then unequip it.

Your goal is for the guard’s suspicion meter to fill up exactly 3 bars. If executed correctly, the guard will follow you into the spawn room. Once they’re inside, close the door behind them and knock them out. Two: the mousetrap. Find an isolated room, and loop any cameras inside it. Wait for a guard to come inside the room. Knock them out, then hide their body in the sides of the room, so they can’t be seen from outside. The main risk is that a guard from outside may see you. This is a difficult trick to pull off if no has any disguises yet. A disguised player can do this to get disguises for their teammates.

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The Killhouse is divided into three areas, each with three guards. An area is a section of the Killhouse that is separate from other sections of the Killhouse by locked doors. An area is “cleared” once all three guards are knocked out, and all cameras have been looped. The “Mousetrap” strategy mentioned earlier can be used to get rid of the guards. Once all guards are taken care of, you can safely loop the remaining cameras. After you’ve finished with the first area, you need to take care of the other two. You should clear the areas, one by one; tackling two areas at once is too risky.

Once you’ve entered a new area, you’re going to need to find a way to get rid of the guards. The “Mousetrap” trick from Step 1 is the best option. Optionally, you can choose to intimidate guards before knocking them out. This takes longer and is somewhat riskier, but it allows you to interrogate a guard for the vault keycard. The vault keycard is faster than the diamond drill, though it’s not a requirement. You need to disable the sensors, even if you have the vault code. If you’re an Engineer, you can easily disable the sensors. If not, then you need to disable a circuit box.

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The correct circuit box has the same color as the wire under the vault sensors. If you have the vault keycard and code, you can use them to open the vault and escape with the loot. If not, then you need to use the diamond drill and wait three minutes. On the way back, watch out for any remaining cameras: they can see you, and you’re conspicuous. For some, this process is second nature, but if you’re new, you’re going to fail a lot, and that’s okay. Each time you fail, reset, and try again; don’t get stressed or impatient.

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